The Incident Prevention Platform

Search & Learn from your mining peers safety events

It's what the big boys use.

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How we prevent incidents

We turn past incidents into future prevention.

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Turn past incidents into future prevention

Our platform allows you to educate your workforce and reduce risk within your operations. Search, learn and share streamlined safety communications in the click of a button.

Search from a growing database of your industry peers safety events. Quickly find the information that is most relevant to your team.

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Made for mining teams

Whether you need a single pack of Safety Shares or continuous learning solutions, we offer options to support your team

10 Share Starter

Introduce variety to your Safety Shares and discover what we have to offer.

$630one off
  • SafetySilo branded shares
  • Standardised output
  • Learnings from real incidents
  • Choose the operational setting & incident type
  • Australian based incidents
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20 Shares Monthly

Receive a new set of customized Safety Shares every month to share with your team.

$1140month to month
  • Custom branded Safety Shares
  • Customised output
  • Learnings from real incidents
  • Choose the operational setting, incident type, and/or injury type
  • Australian and New Zealand incidents
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Gain unlimited access to our platform and search for incidents relevant to your operations. (12 month minimum)

$440/month (per user)
  • Custom branded Safety Shares
  • Customised output
  • Learning from real incidents
  • Automated safety share creation of your internal incidents
  • Access to international incidents
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We are SafetySilo

In early 2023 two coffee fanatics met for a catch up following a virtual meeting on LinkedIn.

Dale, a young and motivated Software Engineer was keen to ask Jake, a middle aged mining professional, about ideas for a mining focused software platform.

Jake, reached up onto his "someday shelf" and plucked out an idea he had from when back on site but never had the technical capability to build.

This idea was the early concepts of SafetySilo, a place for mine workers to quickly and easily find relatable and relevant safety information to learn from.

Many more coffees, multiple industry chats and after multiple late nights in front of a screen the duo launched SafetySilo in June 2023.

Their journey is just beginning...!

  • Dale Murugan

    Co-Founder, Director

    20 something years old

    Software Engineer with a keen interest in mining technology

    BJJ Whitebelt

  • Jake Harris

    Co-Founder, Director

    30 something years old

    18 years in heavy industries with a passion for technology

    Father of twins

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Now that we've got your safety communications sorted and fresher than ever, you can focus on turning big rocks into small ones!

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